The Benefits Of Colocation

What is colocation?

Colocation offers all of the additional attributes of dedicated hosting while still supplying you with additional independence. Our affordable colocation options set the possession of the host on your hands, providing complete freedom to you.

Colocation vs. Dedicated Server

This is the distinction between dedicated servers and all these alternatives. The hosting company possesses a dedicated host. Colocation differs in that you have the server.

Host Savings

To construct and keep the in-house demands that your server needs can cost you precious funds in centers, Internet connectivity and maintenance employees. Companies that offer these services made the investment to supply these services so that you are able to use your funds and time to concentrate on your core business.


Most data centers supply you with collocated server assurance and the crucial information included on the host is secure. Data centers must be tracked 24-7. Your systems must be put into a state-of-the-art data centre, together with redundant air heating and filtering methods, designed to function even in case of a power failure. Data centers must be located and constructed to withstand natural disasters, and other emergencies.


As you’re collocating, there’s absolutely not any sharing of bandwidth, RAM, or another hardware enabling your server to operate in its greatest capacity. Some data hosting services provide redundant Internet links and exceptionally large bandwidth provisions make sure that your information is easily available for the use or your customers use on demand. Due to bandwidth provisions the answer speed of your collocated server will probably be in a level greater than that of your customers guaranteeing a fast reaction.


The existence of hardware is prolonged by the climate controlled environment in addition to the energy conditioning. Server hosting can permit you to access enterprise level backup, and tracking tools. Colocation hosting can provide dependable power with clean, uninterruptible power, via a blend of multiple power grids generators, and also best-of-breed maintenance practices.