Inspired By Iceland – Campaign Breathing New Life Into Icelandic Tourism

In the aftermath of the volcanic eruptions of Eyjafjallajokull, the ash autumn and corresponding problem it caused international airline transport, the Icelandic tourist sector was in a gloomy mode. Visits at the month of April had diminished to the quantity of 22% in the preceding year along with also the tourist board estimated that at total 100.000 fewer people would make the trip to see landmannalaugar than was expected. For this tiny market the losses of earnings that reduction would have in store have been estimated to include a considerable percentage of their foreign currency in Iceland.

To address this unprecedented scenario all of the significant traveling – and – tourist companies joined with all the Tourist board of Iceland to make a marketing venture made to keep Icelands standing as a viable tourist attraction. Overall around 70 distinct institutions are involved in producing the campaign. Because of all of the diverging interests among the participating companies the chief goal of the effort is to emphasize Icelands attributes and attractions, list its cuisine, culture, recreational options not to mention the huge unspoiled landscape. The focus was placed on stressing that regardless of the volcanic eruptions and the monetary industries problems life goes on in Iceland. Icelanders still go on about their regular life like they normally would; they nevertheless go on mountain climbs through the evenings and so forth.

The most remarkable element of this effort is that it motivates the entire state of Iceland to utilize social mediums like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so as to obtain interest from the campaign and its message. The usage of all of the other mediums would be to point towards the campaigns site. Hence the engaging people of Iceland have been at a manner affiliate marketers, without being completely conscious of that. The majority of them happen to be trapped in the tide that engaging is enjoyable, somewhat patriotic and can assist the economy of the country.